Rumors of a possible demonstration are circulating around town making locals take extra precautions, as the country awaits another Motion of No Confidence.

A demonstration march is said to be held by a group called the Grassroots Network following the frustrations over high prices of goods and fuel. The march was intended to take place during the Motion of No Confidence, tomorrow.

Solomon Times spoke to few locals around town regarding the intended demonstration.

"A rumor about the demonstration may have been sparked because of what happened in April 2007. I have taken precautions for my children but I don't think a demonstration should be encouraged as it will only spark a lot of fear within Honiara," stated Mr. Jack Aru, a father of four.

Speaking with Solomon Times a security officer from the Solomon Security Mr. Cleveland Ladomea stated that there may have been a misunderstanding.

"Because of the high political issues on the second motion people are quite worried," said Mr. Ladomea.

At a Press Conference, this morning, with the Police Commissioner, Mr. Peter Marshall, stated that the Police are not expecting any disturbances during the Motion of No Confidence.

"The Solomon Islands Police along with RAMSI will be taking extra precautions as always but are not expecting any march or riots tomorrow", say's Commissioner Marshall.