Since the arrest of the elderly parents of Alphonseus Toghovotu, who is wanted for the attack on the RAMSI officer recently and a 1999 murder on the Weathercoast, there have been some disagreements regarding the arrest.

According to Acting Commissioner, Peter Marshall, the Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF) together with the Participating Police Force (PPF) are not in the business to arrest just anyone associated with the individual, however the decisions are made upon the basis of evidence available.

Mr. Marshall said that the police are very conscious that parents have the natural role of looking out for their children, "but there are times that the natural association with children goes over the mark and actually assisting the person who is wanted for murder to avoid justice," he added.

Mr. Marshall said that the police did not want to upset the Weathercoast community, as "alot of good things have been building up over the past few years," he added.

He said that the people of Weathercoast will continue to suffer because of the criminals on the loose.

He said that the law does not differentiate nor make exception for parents.

"If the parents are assisting a wanted fugitive, then they will be brought before the court," says the Acting Commissioner.

Acting Commissioner further explained that the decision made by the police was not to target the parents or any relative of the suspect.

He emphasized that, the SIPF together with the RAMSI, would like to work closely with the people from the Weathercoast area, so that the people committing crimes would be brought before the court.