The commission of inquiry into the April riots of 2006 is set to begin.

The commission, jointly funded by Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea Governments, will cost taxpayers close to SBD$ 2 Million dollars. The membership of the Commission includes Brian Brunton, Noel Levi, Charles Levo and Waeta Ben Tabusasi.

The Chairman Mr Brunton, in a press conference on Friday, called on the public to assist with useful information that may help the Commission in its work. "We are here to listen and to guide witnesses in an orderly manner" Mr Brunton. "We will not interfere with any case that is before the courts as that is a judicial matter" Mr Brunton went on to say that the Commission is not going on a 'witch hunt' so people should not be afraid to come forward and speak to the Commission.

The Commission of inquiry into the April 2006 riots was established by the Sogavare led government in early May of 2006. The Commission had to be temporarily suspended due to the resignation of its first appointed Chairman Marcus Einfeld QC of Australia. Mr Einfield QC was forced to resign after alleged traffic offences, committed back in 2002, re surfaced in Australia.

Prior to his appointment as Chairman Justice Einfeld QC has undertaken a number of major international and domestic mediations and arbitrations and served as Chairman or Director of a number of corporations.