Mothers are said to be the backbone of families no matter how much they struggle, most often than not they do so silently.

Like Anna Kali for example. 58 year old Anna is a single mother with six children. Her husband left her years ago.

Today Anna resides in Fulikaomae village in Malaita province. She counts herself blessed despite not having a formal education.

"I did not go to school but I have been able to support my family through the small cocoa plantation that we have”, Anna says.

While people in formal employment invest in the office work that they do, for Anna, her investment is in the cocoa plantation. Most of her time was spent in the plantation.

Anna continues to work hard in the plantation, to earn whatever income she can to look after her children.

“I gave all I have just to put food on the table everyday”, she says.

Anna has 400 to 500 cocoa trees. She says now that she is getting on in the years, she has not been able to prune the trees anymore. She says such a business also requires time, effort and strength. Currently she is the only one doing all the work.

"The money I received go towards my household expenses. Whatever remains I will save”, Anna says.

Anna also has a secret safe where she keeps her money. She says this is for emergencies.

Anna has been in the cocoa business for 25 years now. She recalls that in the past, the Agriculture sector always supported rural farmers through supplies of pruning saws, harvesting knives, wheelbarrows and pressure pumps. She says this is not happening now.

"I still use the harvesting knife and brush knife given to me back in those days”, Anna says.

She says though the tools are quite old, she is now used to them.

The only challenge for Anna now is her lack of understanding on sums and figures.

"I find it very hard when it comes to the buying of my cocoa beans because I am not well versed with the kilos or the numbers," Anna says.

She says if the buyers cheat on her, she will not be able to know.

Anna also wishes if the stimulus package can help anyway to help his cocoa farming or else the agriculture sector should provide support.

Currently Anna is thinking of expanding her plantation.