The Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement government, C-NURA government is launching its Policy and Translation Framework today.

Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua will present the policy framework at this afternoon's launch.

The framework was said to be formulated by respective government ministries and departments following the recent launch of the CNURA Government policy statement in January.

Dr. Sikua said the framework is similar to the bottom-up-approach policy of the previous government.

But he said that the framework plays a strong, healthy and co-equal partnership with the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands.

Prime Minister Sikua acknowledged RAMSI for helping to restore law and order, and energize the local economy when the country was at its lowest point.

The Sikua-led government pledged to advocate less political rhetoric and more of developmental action in so far as decentralizing powers, functions and government institutions to the provinces for the benefit of rural people.

He said that his government believed that previous time and fewer resources that the country have are wasted or lost when leaders put power-brokering priorities over the needs of the people and country.

Dr. Sikua also called on the implementers of the policy to work earnestly to achieve the aims and objectives of the government in serving people.

Meanwhile, the government has placed six priority areas with the aim to achieve results during the present government's tenure.

The six areas include Reconciliation and Rehabilitation, National Security and Foreign Relations, Infrastructure Development, Social Services Sector, the Economic and Productive Sector and Civic Affairs.