Visits made so far to two provincial capitals began the yearly provincial visitation for the Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement Government as a first step to establishing dialogue with the provincial governments.

A visit to Western Province's capital, Gizo, follows last week's trip made to the Malaita provincial capital, Auki, demonstrating the commitment CNURA government will have for the provinces.

Press Secretary to the Prime Minister, George Atkin, said that the trips fulfill the new government's pledged commitment to its provincial governments.

The Prime Minister is hoping to visit all nine provinces in the country this year.

Mr. Atkin said the main motive behind the Prime Minister's provincial visits is to familiarize himself with the people and the leaders in the provinces,

He added that the provincial visits will also pave the way for the new government to share its intentions on the face of development in the provinces, and the country as a whole.

With rehabilitation lingering on the minds of many in the earthquake and tsunami-stricken Western Province, the visit will be "a relief".

"Most of the people from the Western Province have many questions for the Prime Minister about what the new government can do to help in the rehabilitation process, and the visit presents the opportunity for answers," Solomon Times was told.

It was revealed that a forum will take place with the Western Province Premier, Alex Lokopio, this afternoon with the matter, among other issues, to be discussed.