Solomon Islands students studying at Unitech in Lae Papua New Guinea are still uncertain as to when classes will resume.

Classes were disrupted following clashes between Sepik and Chimbu students last Thursday at the campus mess leaving a first year applied physics student from Sepik dead and another student hospitalized.

It is understood that the University administration is currently looking into petitions submitted by both the Sepik and Chimbu students.

Solomon Islands Student Association President Hilton Gideon had been quoted earlier this week as saying, "Solomon Island students were confused and feared for their safety."

He also confirmed that most of the students had fled the campus leaving only our local students on campus.

Ministry of Education Secretary, Myline Kuve, has assured parents that the University Assistant Registrar has assured her "that the situation is now under control."

It is understood that security measures at the Campus have been beefed up with heavy mobile police presence as of last Thursday.