The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry is concerned about the number of civil cases mounting up in the courts which are delaying major development projects.

The CEO Jerry Tengemoana says it’s a problem that’s built up over time and says one of the issues is a shortage of High Court judges.

Mr Tengemoana says cases that relate to things like disputes over license rights in the mineral sector are piling up, and would like to see the government bring judges over from New Zealand or Australia with experience in those areas to speed things up.

He says a lot of development activities that are supposed to be happening in the private sector have been held up.

“It’s costing everyone a lot and I think it’s supposed to be a priority the government has to put in because there are big developments that need to take place and these benefits that come with this development.”

Jerry Tengemoana says the cost to the economy could already be running into millions and is robbing businesses and developers of funding investment and jobs in the country.