Honiara City Lord Mayor maintains his refusal to resign despite being deserted by members his executive. He says resigning is an act of guilt or admission of wrongdoing.

Israel Maeoli confirms seven of his councilors have all resigned, leaving only his deputy and himself in the executive.

He says this is a big blow for his executive, but adds services in Honiara are still continuing.

The Honiara City Mayor says he will wait on the 28 days notice filed against him by a resigned councilor, Jonathan Zama.

Mr. Maeoli says he is voted in by the full council "so only the full council can vote him out."

However, sources familiar with voting procedures of the council say that this is not correct.

"The fact that he was voted in by the full council makes little difference, if he does not have the numbers to govern than he lacks the legitimacy to govern.

"What he should do is call an executive meeting and put the matter to the floor, public expression by councilors of loss of confidence can only be tested in a meeting convened for that purpose...and only a simple majority is required."