A 'Christmas Carols in the Island' programme attracted hundreds who gathered at the Lawson Tama stadium to enjoy a night of singing and dancing to Christmas notes.

The Saturday night programme, jointly organised by the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), Solomon Islands Football Association (SIFF) and DJ league sponsors, DJ Graphics, was organised purposely for the public to come together and share the true meaning of Christmas with each other.

Children were delighted with a surprise visit by Santa Claus, who was transported to the packed field by a RAMSI helicopter with a bag full of Christmas candies for the young ones.

The stadium was colorful with red, green and yellow glowing lights from glow sticks distributed to everyone who entered the premises.

RAMSI personnels also distributed candles for all in the premises to light up as carols were echoed through the night.

Both religious and contemporary Christmas songs were staged by local musicians that had everyone on their feet.

Police made sure the night was enjoyed with no disturbance and had tight security around the premises.

Sellers took the opportunity to set up stalls, selling a variety of Christmas gifts for everyone.

The event is the first of its kind to be celebrated in the Solomon Islands, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part.

Solomon Times, who was part of the crowd, were told that such program is good to occupy young people from committing crime during festive seasons.

Most who were approached Saturday night voiced suggestion that Carol in the Islands be an annual event as it brings a lot of people together for a good purpose.