The rebuilding of Chinatown will soon commence after the Minister of Lands, Reverend Leslie Boseto had approved the re-development plan.

Honiara City Clerk, Mr. Joseph Huta revealed that the council is keen on seeing the re-development of Chinatown. "The destruction of Chinatown has resulted in the council losing about 51 percent in revenue. The loss is a substantial one." Huta said.

Huta told stated that the plan is now with the town and country planning board to decide on the implementation date of the re-development.

"The Town Council Physical Planning Board is on its own, in terms of decision making and the council cannot influence them," said the City Clerk.

But according to the Chief Physical Planner and Secretary to the Town and Country Planning Board, Mrs. Arlene Lingo, the plan to re-develop Chinatown is already in place and it is open to the former business people to start re-building their shops.

"The plan has already been finalized and the planning board is advising all the business owners to structure their buildings according to the requirements within the plan that the board gave out," stressed Mrs Lingo.

She also stressed that so far they have only approved one businessman to start rebuilding his shop.

"The planning board approved the businessman's plan because he complied with the guidelines provided by the Town and Country Planning Board," explained the Chief Physical Planner.

"The planning board really wants the re-building of shops in Chinatown to be standardized as it will make the place look nice," said Mrs Arlene.