The Children's Park seems empty and lonely as the popular young crowd shift to the eastern part of town for the show grounds.

Despite it being built purposely for young children and mothers, it is more common to find young couples lazing on the benches and park area.

Speaking with a man at the trade show yesterday, Paul Mabe said that he is one of the regular visitors of the park.

"Since the launch of the show, all the young people have abandoned Children's Park for Panatina fields to meet up and hang out," he said.

He said it is now pointless to hang around the park because "it is empty and boring".

"It is now packed with the children, and it is their rightful place," Mr. Mabe added with a laugh.

Asked why he loves the park, Mr. Mabe said that it is the only place where he finds peace and quietness after being to town or elsewhere.

"I love visiting the Children's Park in the afternoons to relax and enjoy the sea breeze," he added.

Mr. Mabe said that the young crowd will definitely shift back to the park after celebrations are over "because Children's Park is still the place to be".