The Ministry of Health and Medical services has advised the public that changes have been made to todays vaccination program in selected communities in Honiara.

The Health Ministry said in a brief statement that the changes to the vaccination sites is due to daily changes of the Covid situation.

Today’s vaccination was supposed to take place at the following location – Fishing village, Vura, Mbaranamba, Abira and Mbokonavera. With the exception of Fishing village all other locations has now been changed.

The new locations that will get vaccinated today are as follows:

1. Burns Creek

2. Fishing Village

3. Lord Howe Settlement

4. Namoruka (White River)

The Health Ministry says due to community transmission status in the country, no one from other communities should travel to get vaccinated at these site, they are to remain at their respective communities and in their own homes.

They also ask each vaccinating communities to organise themselves and not to overcrowd the vaccination sites and to maintain social distancing and wear mask if available.