The Commonwealth Alliance of Youth Workers Association (CAYWA) is excited to be part of promoting International Youth Work Week from 1st to 7th November 2021.

This year’s theme is, “Champions of Youth Work” and it is a time to highlight the work done by youth workers and organizations nationally and locally, very much of what is going on around the world.

Over the years, youth workers in Honiara and throughout the provinces, have not been able to celebrate the youth work week. This probably is due to the fact that there was no clarity as to who’s taking the lead in planning and implementing activities to mark the occasion.

As of this year, the newly established Youth Workers Association of Solomon Islands (YWASI) shall take the lead to celebrate the annual youth work week. This year’s International Youth Work Week signifies the official launching of YWASI, after a decade when it was initiated by the then Commonwealth Youth Program. The launching will be done on Tuesday 9th November.

YWASI, a registered member of CAYWA is now in a better position to implement activities as part of its three years strategic plan. This week YWASI is aimed at registering interested youth workers and organizations to become members. This will be followed by a conference for its members, hopefully by the end of the year.

Quite frankly, there has been an increase in the number of youth workers across the sector, due to the increase in youth population over the years. The aim of YWASI is to further strengthen and coordinate champion youth workers as of this year.

Professionalizing youth work is part of YWASI strategic plan, and that involves a lot collaboration and partnership with stakeholders nationally and internationally.

On Friday 5th, there will a virtual cup of coffee dialogue arranged by CAYWA and it shall be held on line with youth workers around the Commonwealth. This is a great opportunity to share experiences to further upgrade skills as champion youth workers.

As part of the celebration, YWASI have identified a number of activities. This includes raising community awareness in Honiara and organizing a talk back show and live streaming at SIBC on Sunday 7th, the closing of the youth work week. A panel of champion youth workers shall be identified, which will also include a number of Church youth workers.

The focus of the panel discussion shall be YWASI, constitution, registration, mission, objectives, and the code of ethics.

YWASI is determined to share skills and knowledge with youth workers as part of nation-building in the longer term. Through national, regional and global collaboration and partnerships, there are approaches we can take to empower our young people.

As champions, let us celebrate this week with passion and care as we develop our young people for the good of our beloved nation Solomon Islands.

Happy celebrations CAYWA and champions of youth work in our beloved Solomon Islands.

Source: Press Release