The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) as the country's leading private sector organization, and the focal point for the private sector in the Solomons, remains politically neutral.

"The chamber remains politically neutral, we are impartial to political parties or groups, we are concerned with specific policies affecting private sector growth and development as well as general issues relating to transparent and accountable good- governance," the Managing Director of South Pacific Oil, and Chairman of the SICCI, Mike Hemmer, said in a press conference today.

Mr. Hemmer said their central role is to represent the interests of their members to the Solomon Islands Government [SIG], donor partners, international bodies, Non Government Organizations and other organizations to promote positive development of the private sector throughout Solomon Islands.

He adds that the chamber believes that by working towards greater cooperation with all development partners, enhanced economic and social prosperity can be achieved.

Mr. Hemmer said the Chamber regards the private sector as the engine of economic growth in Solomon Islands.

He added that SICCI does not receive government or other external funding, standing as an independent organization without political ties, which allows them to retain an impartial and un-influenced position.

In 2008, the Chamber dealt with numerous issues, most of which are on-going. "Though our progress may be slow, [the] Chamber shall continue to champion the need for professional review and wise change," the SICCI head said.

The Chamber carries out a number of surveys and studies annually, research and drafts report on important issues and offers submissions to both the SIG and the international agencies.