The Deputy Prinicpal of St Martin's Rural Training Centre in Solomon Islands says it has been instrumental over the past forty years in helping to curb urban drift.

The school, which is at Tenaru, east of the capital, Honiara, offers a two-year, residential programme to young men who haven't done well at school and are out of work and from next year will accept girls.

James Akwasia, who has been involved with the centre since it opened, says subjects taught include agriculture, carpentery, joinery, mechanics and business.

He says some graduates find employment in town but most return home to their village.

"Most of them they have become farmers in their home, like raising pigs, chickens, and some have even opened canteens, shops, in their homes. The outcome for most of them is that they have a good bright future and they look good in their future projects."

James Akwasia says the highest number of students the centre can take in a year is 100 and there are always many more applications than available places.