Central Islands Province was the first province in the Solomon Islands to achieve self-administration on 29 June 1981, this would be their 41st anniversary!

Central Islands Province consists of six major islands, and has many smaller islets scattered the span of the province which borders with Guadalcanal Province, Malaita Province, Ysabel Province and Western Province.

The province has a rich culture and history being the home for the pre-colonial capital of Solomon Islands, Tulagi, and a major stage for the fierce and bloody battles fought during WWII.

In August this year, Central Islands Province, along with Guadalcanal Province will commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Operation Watchtower, a major allied offensive which saw the Battle of Guadalcanal and the taking of Tulagi.

Central Islands Province is also the location for some of the best dive sites in the world including the Leru Cut, has decent seasonal surf, and top-quality snorkeling at Simon’s Bay and Island Triangle in the Ngella Islands group which forms a part of the province.

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Source: Visit Solomons