Valu Village in Central Guadalcanal conducted a ground breaking ceremony with the Pheonix International Limited (PIL) on Mbalasuna river bank for gold prospecting last Wednesday.

Speaking before the people of Central Guadalcanal, the Managing Director of Pheonix Kelvyn Alp, said the company will bring new horizon of economic development to the area.

"My company's interests are going into commercial vibrant business with the people of Guadalcanal. This company is totally exempted from corrupt practices in dealing with your resources with the objective to reap you off; this is not in the mind of Pheonix International Limited" Mr. Alp said.

We are here to help you economically as you are the custodian of your resources therefore you have to tangibly benefit from your resources by improving the standard of living in your villages.

Pheonix pledges that it will not be like other investors who come and reap off people's resources. For instance, he said, there was a logging company that operated "on your land some years ago reaping off your resources and when they left, you were left with nothing.

Mr. Alp said Pheonix company is here to work in partnership to utilize your resources on a fifty percent each basis.

He has also revealed that they will be starting on prospecting for Gold on Monday next week and they will have a Christmas break. "If from the prospecting we find that there is possibility of mining they will be having discussion with land owners."

Present during the ground breaking were; the General Manager of one of the Pheonix Company in New Zealand Mike Francis Roberson, one local geologist, Cromwell Qopoto, Chiefs and the members of HOKOLA land owners association.

Source: National Express