The Ministry of Health says the Central Field Hospital (CFH) will now return to being used as the COVID-19 isolation ward, to safely isolate and manage COVID-19 cases to prevent any community transmission.

The Ministry says that all vaccination activities at the CFH have ceased as of last week with work soon to commence to return the hospital to an isolation ward.

“This will involve finalization of the work plan and workflow within the CFH including the systems and standard operating procedures. This is to ensure that the possibility of patients transmitting the virus to health workers is addressed,” the Ministry says in a statement.

The CFH, which is fully funded by the government, is the largest COVID-19 isolation ward in the country with a bed capacity of over 50. It was purpose built as an isolation ward, in the event that COVID-19 enters the country and there is community transmission.

The Ministry says that they are also working with relevant authorities to secure additional buildings and spaces to use for COVID-19 isolation both in Honiara and the provinces.

Following the closure of the CFH, the public in Honiara are advised to receive their COVID-19 vaccination at the three sites in Honiara - the Children’s Park at Rove, Carpark area below Holy Cross opposite the MID and the Kukum Field below Mbua Valley School.

Source: MHMS Media