The Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) has cautioned members of the public of a fake new currency called "Sol York currency" as claimed by its promoters.

CBSI advises that there is no such currency in existence in the Solomon Islands save the Solomon Islands Dollar.

"CBSI categorically denies any involvement or participation in the new currency scheme and strongly advises the general public including the promoters to refrain from spreading false information and rumors about the new currency scheme," a statement from the CBSI says.

CBSI reiterates that the only legal currency of Solomon Islands is the Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD) and CBSI has the sole authority by Law, to issue currency in Solomon Islands which shall be legal tender in Solomon Islands as specified under the CBSI Act 2012.

"Any agency, corporate body or individual that attempts to produce, or issue currency apart from the Solomon Islands Dollar (SBD) is committing an offence under the CBSI Act 2012.

"It is advisable that any person who has fallen victim or has reliable information about the scheme, to come forward to report and launch a formal complaint with the Police, for investigation and prosecution," the CBSI statement reads.

CBSI says it will continue to warn the public to be vigilant on where to invest their money, and to ensure that the legitimate currency of Solomon Islands is protected.

Source: CBSI