An extra-marital affair, or "02" as commonly known in the Solomons, continues to be a social problem.

Solomon Times witnessed another quarrel that turned ugly nearby the Holy Cross Catholic Church area because of "02 system".

People at the scene watching the two women beating at each other commented that lack of respect for tradition has given way for such practice to take place.

It was agreed that the "02 system" is causing a lot of family problems and contributing to the escalating social issues in need to address.

A private company worker, Margaret Mytee blamed high influence of modernization in Solomon Islands to be the root cause.

"Modernization has influenced many Solomon Islanders to turn away from their tradition, that is why all these family problems arise," Ms. Mytee said.

A lab worker, Ms. Andy Manu said that ignorance on the issue is a contributing factor in the Solomons.

"More help centres should be encouraged to help address the issue, and the government should recognise that this is a problem that is escalating and a cause of many family break ups," Ms. Manu said.

She added that for government to address the issue by building help centres, troubled couples will have a place to go to for counseling to sort their problem.

A Save the Children Fund worker at the scene said that most of the '02' cases are linked to domestic violence.