Hundreds of people in the Western provincial capital town Gizo turned up for the April 2 candle night service at the JFK stadium last night.

The service took less than an hour, with presentation of choirs from three churches in town followed with the evening's brief devotional thought conducted by a Pastor from the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

The Governor General, Sir. Nathanial Waena also took part at the candle night service along with the Premier of Western Province Hon. Alex Lokopio.

Earlier yesterday afternoon, the head of state and the Premier have been reported to have met with the victims at their camp site.

The Governor General today will deliver his first ever address to the people of Western Province at the main anniversary commemoration service to be held today at the JFK stadium.

The speech will be followed with the announcement of awards by the Governor General. More the 30 people will be awarded with medals for their selfless act of bravery and extraordinary service in saving lives of people during the April 2 disaster. Sir Nathaniel will then host a reception at the PT 109 restaurant in honor of the recipient of the awards.

A monument unveiling and dedication service, in memory for those who lost their lives, will be held at 2pm today at the Gizo police station area. This will then be followed by a sea memorial service, to be conducted at the Gizo main wharf to remember those who perished on the day of the disaster.

Other parts of Western Province will hold similar Remembrance Ceremonies today.