A candidate in the recent East Honiara bye-election, Yukio Sato, has claimed that a Police Sergeant, serving with Guadalcanal Province, had written him a letter asking for one thousand five hundred dollars in return for political support.

The National Express reported that a letter written on the 7th of September 2008, supposedly on the official letter head of the Guadalcanal Police Headquarters, asked for one thousand five hundred dollars from private businessman, Mr. Yukio Sato.

In the letter the purported Police Sergeant said that according to "observation carried out by the police there are many people who would support you and will cast their ballot papers for you."

The letter continues to say that "at Henderson there are ten (10) officers and at Guadalcanal Police headquarter and Ranandi we have fifteen (15) officers." The letter continues stating that "we strongly support you as a leader because we trust you."

The letter went on to say that "however, in order for police and their families to stand strong it is suggested that you assist them in some sort of cash incentive." The figure of one thousand five hundred dollars was suggested in order "to assist officers and our families."

The letter also adds that the money will also help police officers to convince their wantoks and relatives who are living in the East Honiara area to help increase Mr. Sato's numbers.

It is not yet clear at this stage whether the candidate in question has reported the matter to the police.

National Express