A negative reaction from Canberra to the concerns that was raised about RAMSI to the United Nations General Assembly was expected, states Foreign Minister Patteson Oti.

Mr. Oti, last week, told the meeting that RAMSI, as it was operating now, was serving the strategic interest of Australia.

Furthermore, Mr. Oti adds Australia was reaping the bulk of the economic benefits of the so-called regional intervention arrangement.

The Foreign Minister said the Australian-led mission was capitalizing on the ignorance of the uneducated Solomon Islanders, and the carelessness of other few educated ones, to rally support to remain in the country as long as it could to protect Australia's strategic interest.

Mr. Oti said it would be irresponsible of the Grand Coalition for Change Government to allow foreign interests to control its development policy aimed at nurturing lasting national peace and unity through addressing the problems that led to the collapse of Solomon Islands in 2000.