The campaign for women's representation in parliament takes on a more national face with the inaugural 2009 women's convention which ends in Honiara yesterday.

The campaign to get women's representation in parliament fell through earlier this year after Caucus refused to endorse a submission to get 10 additional seats in parliament via temporary special measures.

More than 80 women from all over the country attended the two-day convention to discuss women's contributions in decision-making at the national level focusing on the 2010 General elections.

The convention is attended by provincial councils of women, women community leaders, women in the mainstream workforce and women leaders in churches.

The convention has also brought women who are provincial assembly members from Isabel, Western and Makira provinces.

The convention aims to equip participants with provincial advocacy work plans to spread the message of women in shared decision making in parliament.

Meanwhile, President of the National Council of Women, Jenny Tuhaika says the participation of women in decision-making at any level has made great contributions to nation-building.

Mrs Tuhaika says women make a difference by looking at the finer details of issues and situations and always having the welfare of communities at heart.

The 2009 National Women's Convention ends this evening with a dinner that will be hosted by the Minister for Women, Youth and Children Affairs, Johnson Koli.

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