23 year old Camilla Grossmith has been crowned the new Miss Solomon Islands 2016-2017.

The crowing night at the Coral Sea Resort had it all, the glitz and glamour, creativity, class and some controversy - but there was always going to be one winner.

Out of six contestants Miss King Solomon Hotel Camilla Grossmith was the standout in key categories, including Sarong, Talent, and the Q&A onstage.

Asked what made her different, Camilla says that it comes down to self-confidence, as “I knew that I had to be confident in myself, and that is probably the difference.”

Camilla Grossmith, who comes from Western and Choiseul province, and sponsored by King Solomon Hotel, says that she is honoured to be given the opportunity to represent Solomon Islands.

“I will use this opportunity to raise issues affecting our young women,” she said.

The official results are as follows;

  • First runner-up is Miss SINU Elizabeth Makini
  • Second runner-up Miss POB Falu Alatala
  • Third runner-up Miss Anolpha Zinnia Leamana
  • Fourth runner-up Miss Sunny Calrose Rice, Ruthina Koroa, and
  • Miss Szetu Breweries Sara Cave was placed as the fifth runner-up.

The Traditional Contemporary goes to Zinnia Leamana and other categories (not contributing to final marks) are; Social media - Miss Szetu Breweries Sara Cave, Float - Miss SINU Elizabeth Makini, Personality - Miss Sunny Calrose Rice Ruthina Koroa, and Photogenic - Miss Anolpha Zinnia Leamana.

Camilla will now represent Solomon Islands in the upcoming Miss Pacific Islands contest to be held in Apia, Samoa, on the 27th - 30th November 2016.