Voters are calling on the police to monitor certain candidates and their supporters.

This follows incidents over the weekend where supporters of certain candidates were involved in a tirade of abusive language fueled by alcohol.

“They were campaigning quite close to each other, I think both were not happy with what other supporters were saying and several heated exchanges were made,” stated one eye witness.

“If it was not for the police it could have been a real problem.”

Police have confirmed responding to several calls relating to political campaigns over the weekend, and have stated that they will be beefing up security leading up to the elections.

He says there is very little tolerance for any unruly behaviour, either by candidates or their supporters.

A contingent of Australian riot police is among more than 90 officers being flown to Solomon Islands ahead of next week's elections.

The Special Coordinator for the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands Justine Braithwaite says the increase in RAMSI's personnel is only a contingency measure while the local police force is in full control of policing the elections.