Minister for Environment, Conservation and Meteorology, Gordon Darcy Lilo has called on all Solomon Islanders to join the rest of the world to battle climate change as the country gears toward marking the International Climate Day on Saturday 24.

Climate change is believed to have affected Solomon Islands in many ways.

Minister Lilo is calling on people all over the country to organize an action on October 24, for the International Day of Climate.

Mr. Lilo urges people to incorporate the number 350 at an iconic place in their communities and fight for the survival of humanity.

He said the country's participation in October 24 means lifting public awareness on the need for an international climate treaty to reach 350.

Climate change has increased the annual mean temperatures, leading to poor agriculture and fisheries productivity.

It also causes coral bleaching, sea level rise and extreme weather events leading to loss of lives and economic activities.

Press Release (Government Communications Unit)