The Honiara city council is being called on to provide proper toilet facilities for the public in Honiara .

This sentiment was raised by a Honiara resident who has expressed disgust at the way people are treating parts of the city as their convenient spots.

The resident, David Ramo, appeals to the Honiara city council to quickly address the problem as this would create health risks as well as injecting a negative impression of the city to foreign visitors.

The Malaitan also stated that members of the public should respect the status of Honiara as the capital city and should work together with each other to keep it clean.

A trip around Honiara has confirmed that areas near the parliament building as well as along the shoreline of the city has been frequently used as dumping sites for human wastes.

Honiara is without proper toilet facilities for many years now and the very few facilities left are either not working or not properly cared for.

An attempt to get comments from the Honiara city council was unsuccessful.