Cabinet is expected to deliberate on the final draft of the 2011 budget later this week.

Permanent Secretary of Finance and Treasury confirms that the Budget Unit has compiled and assessed bids from each ministries and his minister has completed consultative budgetary briefing with all the other ministers and their permanent secretaries.

Speaking to SIBC news, Shadrack Fanega says that upon cabinet's approval of the final draft, the budget will then be processed by the Budget unit within the Ministry of finance.

Mr Fanega says that this process should take about a week and is likely to be completed by the first week of March.

He says after the Budget unit completes the loading of the approved final draft the budget and the appropriation bill will be submitted to the parliament's Public Accounts Committee.

Prime Minister Danny Phillip in his recent media conference assured that by 28th of this month the public accounts committee would assess and scrutinize the budget.