The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission is happy to announce and confirm to the good constituents from North Malaita and East Are'Are constituencies the final list of validly nominated candidates who will be contesting for the two parliamentary seats on the 1st August.

The fourteen days nomination period under the law had lapsed on 4th July and candidates have three days withdrawal period for candidates who might want to withdraw their candidacy. Candidacy withdrawal period was also closed on the 7th July and ballot paper drawn had been conducted and order of candidates to appear on the ballot paper had been also determined.

Chief Electoral Officer confirmed the final listing of validly nominated candidates to contest this by-election polling day on 1st August which is only a three weeks (3) away.

Mr Haununu said that a total of twelve nomination applications received from candidates who wished to contest for North Malaita constituency seat of which one is officially invalidated and another withdrew. This brings down the final and validly applied candidates to contest for North Malaita constituency seat to only ten (10) candidates.

"Four (4) nomination applications received to contest the East Are'Are seat. There are no invalid or withdrawal nominations received and therefore the final number of candidates that will be contesting remain as four" Mr Haununu said.

Below is the final list of candidates listed according to the ballot paper draw who will be contesting the two national by-election seats.

North Malaita Constituency

1: Joel Moffet Konofilia
2: Vika Lusibaea
3: Wilfred Baetalua
4: Geroge Sensie
5: Peter Fairamo
6: Danny Ratai Fa'afunua
7: Felix Maeli Abuofa
8: Fredrick Kwanairara
9: Ben Fruits O'bana
10: Senley Levi Fiulualea

East Are'Are Constituency

1: Claudius Horiwapu
2: Aliki Ha'apio
3: Andrew Manepora'a
4: Sir Peter Kenilorea

Mr Haununu said that details of the final candidates listing, voters' list , polling station and village allotments will be published in the returning officers' final notice 33 and therefore voters are urged to check out for this final notice one week before polling day.

"No update register is conducted for the this by-election and therefore only voters who have voted during 2010 National General Election will cast their ballots on the polling day since the 2010 voter list will be the one used".

Mr Haununu wants to remind voters from these two constituencies that it is important to check out for this final notice to check for your names before Election day to avoid disappointments and running around on the polling day.

The preparation work for the polling day has also started. Returing Officers have appointed Presiding and Polling officers who will be overseeing the polling stations during the polling day to assist voters cast their ballots and selection is in process.

Names of accredited presiding and polling officers will be announce as soon as selection list is finalized and training to take place few days before the polling day.

Also in preparation for the polling day, awareness teams from the Electoral Commission have visited communities from these two constituencies with screening of how to vote DVD , with messages on rights of voters, dos and don'ts of conduct of elections, clarification of election offenses and penalties and the whole election timelines which was very much appreciated by the people.

The awareness team had just returned later last week from a two weeks constituency tour with the DVD screening.

The chief Electoral Officer would like to thank communities for their cooperation and attendance during the programs held and looking forward to such response in future.

Electoral Commission hopes that voters should now be well informed on the dos and don'ts of election through this awareness campaign program and EC is looking for a free and fair election.

We have not yet arrived and some miles away from the polling day and Electoral Commission has urged good voters from North Malaita and East Are'Are Constituencies to patiently stay with us through media for more updates.

Source: Press Release, Solomon Islands Electoral Commission