The Director of the Electoral Commission, Musu Kevu, said the two by elections for Malaita has been rescheduled for March the 28th 2008.

Mr. Kevu said that the Commission has now fourteen confirmed nominations - five candidates for the Auki Langa Langa constituency and nine for East Malaita.

Mr. Kevu said that he is not yet in a position to give out the names of the candidates since the withdrawal date is not yet over.

Mr. Kevu said Government has two returning officers working in Auki; they are Filiaramo Ganita and Michael Lauman who were appointed by the Commission on the 14th February.

The by-elections became necessary following the deaths of former MPs Bartholomew Ulufa'alu for Aoke/Langa Langa and the late Joses Sanga for East Malaita.

Kevu said that once these two by-elections are done they will concentrate on the Lau Mbaelelea constituency.