Questions are being raised as to whether imported goods are being checked properly when entering the country.

This follows reports that goods such as DVD decks are being sent into the country concealed in other imported items such as refrigerators.

SIBC recently reported that recently a certain customer was surprised to find nine DVD decks in her newly purchased refrigerator recently.

The lady told the SIBC that the Asian shop owner appeared frightened when the goods were returned to the shop."He appeared to be very concerned with what I returned...maybe concerned with what I saw."

Unconfirmed reports reaching SIBC News have suggested that the goods concerned were concealed and had entered the country undetected by the Customs Division.

Meanwhile, the Controller of Customs and Excise Nathan Kama says that they have yet to verify the report.

He says this is the second time such report has surfaced through the local media and it warrants a thorough investigation.