Key leaders of Malaita Province yesterday have strongly recommended a total ban on business manipulation in national politics.

Several leaders including Malaita Premier, Richard Irosaea Na'amo firmly made the recommendation during a consultation on the Political Parties Integrity Bill in Auki yesterday.

Key representatives of the four regions of Malaita said they have supported the bill while suggesting the need for the proposed law to prevent businesses that are keen at manipulating politicians for their own benefits.

The leaders stressed that the government's intention to formulate the law is necessary to address our weak governance system which hinders development in the last 30 years.

Chairman of the Bill's Working Committee, John Keniapisia told participants that Solomon Islands must make reforms to cater for our development aspirations.

He said the bill is one of the major initiatives of the CNURA Government which aims to reduce political instability by strengthening the country's political party system.

Meanwhile, several leaders have expressed disappointment with government over the limited time given for detailed scrutiny of the bill.

Former Malaita Premier David Oeta said people in rural areas should be given the opportunity to listen and participate in the consultation process.

He said the Government needs to make a proper awareness program that covers all sectors in communities across the country.

The consultation team is expected in Gizo Western Province Friday this week.