A one-week business course is currently taking place in Honiara.

The workshop which starts today is aimed at helping ordinary people be business-minded in the way they do and see things around.

Speaking before an audience of more than 30 participants, consisting more of youths, Pr. Barko stressed that the training is different from "all other trainings as it is a good balance of teaching what is of the world and going back to what God is saying to mankind".

"We are living in a time where our jobs are no longer a source of financial security, we cannot trust our jobs anymore to make ends meet," the workshop trainer, Pr. Ellison Barko stated in his opening remarks.

Pr. Barko said that in light of the current global economic crisis, " you could be the next in line to lose your job".

He emphasised on the need to pursue and create business to pave way for 'financial freedom' for ourselves and the generations ahead of us.

"Business is not an option but it is what is required of everyone," Pr. Barko said.

He said that participants should, at the end of the week, understand how to take the pathway to financial freedom.

"This workshop is aimed at training participants to make money and to make more money even despite the current economic crisis faced around the globe," Pr. Barko said.

The workshop is the third to be conducted and is open to the public.