Public transportation was disabled yesterday after all buses and taxis seized operation following a strong demand for the increase of fares.

The public were left at the bus stops for hours without the realization that busses had gone on strike. Bus owners insisted in a raise of bus fares following a major hike in fuel prices last week.

"I was at the bus stop since lunch time and no buses could be seen on the road. I had to walk to my house at King George from town just to make it before dinner time. I understand that the busses had to raise fares because of the increase in fuel prices, but we haven't had any raise in our salary and a few extra dollars to the bus fare is crucial for us. This should be something the Government has to look at," says a resident of the King George area, Mr. Kelonga Sigo.

"Bus owners have provided the much needed service at a very cheap rate for a few years now. It is time that we seriously raise the fares. Our expenses are also over the roof and we need to consistently maintain the business if we want to make ends meet," says Richard Maliki, a bus owner.

Rise in fares were introduced few years ago but the public had continuously paid SBD$2 since then, instead of SBD$4. Buses had insisted that the public has to pay SBD$4 to before they can provide the service and as such, SBD$4 is now applicable as of today, causing students and employers to resort to walking.