Four drunken passengers in a bus attacked the bus conductor on Sunday 6th at around 6 pm and took away the money bag that contained the day's taking.

An eyewitness who does not want to be named said the bus was traveling the Naha Kola trip, taking the Vura road and was dropping off passengers. When the bus reached the Border bus stop the four men who were sitting at the back of the bus attacked the bus conductor. "The first one to get off grabbed the money bag but the bus conductor held on tightly to the bag and there was a struggle, the second person took out a pocket knife and threatened the driver" the witness said.

The eye witness went on to say that a passenger, who tried to assist the conductor, was also attacked and kicked in the head. The men eventually overpowered the conductor and walked away with the bag that contained the day's taking. The conductor estimated the takings to be around one-thousand dollars. "During the struggle, other passengers in the bus who were mostly women screamed and were scared" the witness said. "I am surprised the police did not hear us"

The bus conductor also complained as to why the Police who were opposite the road never came to help them in the struggle. He was questioning who the police are protecting and whether they are manning the post.

"It is not safe for those of us public transport providers to travel to border unless police presence is assured 24 seven", said a bus owner. Those who live in the area will be the most affected if young men from the place continue to scare public vehicles.