Bus businesses in Honiara welcomes the jam-packed movement around the clock with people doing shopping for Christmas that is just eight days away.

Squeezing your way around is not just in shops but also in buses and other public transports.

A bus driver, Stanley Toni, said that this is peak time for their business as "buses are always packed like never before".

Mr. Toni said that it is at times like this that a 15-seater bus still does not cater well for the busy public.

"We always look forward to this time of the year because money comes easy for business as people move in big numbers right through to the New Year period," he said.

Mr. Toni added that unlike the "normal times", all the buses on the road get a fair share of the huge demand "so we the public transport owners are always smiling at the end of the day".

The day starts around 9am for most buses and depending on movement of people, most knock off as late as after 9pm.

He said that people flood the bus stands as early as 7:30am and the crowd goes right through the day and into the night.

"We make the most of this period and go as late as 9:30pm," said Mr. Toni.

He said that while the money is really good, they are also always mindful of the risk of going too late into the night.

Most approached in the public say the rush is crazy and hectic but the excitement of celebrations keeps everyone on their feet all day.