Detail estimates of expenditures for the 2011 budget are now before the Parliament's Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Chairman of the PAC Job Dudley Tausinga confirmed this to SIBC news today.

Mr Tausinga said his Committee should meet early next week to begin its important task of scrutinising the budget.

Job Dudley Tausinga said that it is a requirement by law that his committee scrutinize the budget before handing it to Parliament. Mr Tausinga called on various government ministries to come before the committee as and when they are called.

Meanwhile, the Opposition has confirmed its support for the government's 2011 budget despite statements made by the deputy leader of opposition that they will oppose the budget during the recent political wrangling.

But the leader of Opposition Steve Abana says that the opposition will support the budget since it belongs to the people adding that they must not allow political rows to cause a constitutional crisis.