The National Government has enforced a lock down for the Isabel Provincial Capital Buala, effective 6pm pm this evening to 6pm Thursday 10th February.

The lockdown restricts movement of persons and Vessels in and out of Buala during the aforementioned period.

The three (3) days Lockdown was ordered following recommendation from the Provincial Disaster Committee to the Prime Minister following the rise in infection cases in and around Buala. The duration of the lockdown is currently for three (3) days however, depending on the circumstances on the ground, the PDC may recommend an extension.

A government statement explains, it is a requirement under the Order that Buala residents wear a face mask; practice social distancing; wash their hands frequently using hand sanitizer or soap.

It stated, only those exempted under the Essential Services Act who are required to carry out their functions, responsibilities or duties as an authorised officer, or travelling to and from the place where he or she carries out those functions, responsibilities or duties can enter or leave Buala between 6pm Monday 7th February to Thursday 10th February.

No Vessel is allowed to enter or leave Buala, come alongside or berth at a wharf in Buala; or go on shore anywhere on the coast of Buala during the lockdown period.

On matters of urgency such as people seeking medical attention can be exempted in writing from complying with the Order by the Commissioner of Police.

The lockdown is important for health authorities to continue contact tracing and address the COVID outbreak in Buala.

Source: NDMO