Bank South Pacific, BSP, will be going green today morning right across the South Pacific Region.

Speaking to SIBC news the Country manager of Bank South Pacific Mark Corcoran says that this may come as a surprise but BSP will be going green.

Going Green involves cleaning up the streets of Honiara by staff and partners of the BSP.

Mr Corcoran says that this is an initiative by BSP working in partnership with communities to start addressing some of the "challenges that we know cannot be solved in one day."

The Country manager says there are two key events which are being held across the pacific, the first will take place today which will involve schools assisting in the cleanup day campaign.

Mark Corcoran explained that BSP is providing education, support and some tools needed to get the job done and deliver the message that to "go green is good for the country."

The go green day started just after 9am this morning.