Bank South Pacific (BSP) will this week target the southern and northern regions of Malaita in efforts to gain new customers for its mobile banking service in rural areas.

BSP recently launched new products designed to assist people living in remote and rural areas that have access to banking services via its recently launched mobile banking service and branchless banking.

Spokesperson for the BSP Mobile Banking Product Campaign, Sharon Toby told the National Broadcaster that BSP's Mobile Banking Team will be in Malaita for two weeks beginning tomorrow.

"So now that this Mobile banking network is available and with Telekom's system enabling it, it is possible because everybody nowadays have a mobile phone and being registered with Telekom. So the message BSP wants to put out is that this is a product we want to market out to rural areas where banking services are not previously available. But now with this service, you can make a transaction anywhere provided you have a Telekom tower near you," said Ms Toby.

"It is not just for ordinary customers like teachers and police officers posted out in rural areas. We are also targeting small business customers like copra producers and small retail shop owners," she said.