Honiara will soon witness exciting soccer matches by the Brisbane Wolves and selected teams of the Solomon Islands next week.

The Wolves will touch down in the country on Sunday the 21st of September.

The Brisbane Wolves will be in the country upon invitation of the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF).

SIFF Local Organizing Committee, Mr. Samson Faisi revealed that the team will be playing their first game on Monday, followed by two other games on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Brisbane Wolves and selected Solomon Islands teams playing against each other are said to be warm up matches in preparation for the O-League tournament in November.

Koloale FC and Solomon Bonito have been identified as the teams that would be playing the Wolves.

He explained that this has been the second time the team has visited Solomon Islands for friendly matches. The Solomon Islands team is no stranger to the Brisbane Wolves as they usually have friendly matches when visiting Australia.

According to Mr. Faisi the organized tournaments are part of the ongoing cooperation with other international football organizations.