Guadalcanal Province heralds the first part of development of its very own township.

Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony yesterday, the Premier for Guadalcanal Province, Hon. Joash Salani, said the occasion marks an end to a long wait for "a separate identity, a place that is distinctly for the people of this Province".

Mr. Salani said the development of Doma, west of Honiara, not only brings the provincial government together, but it has created a place that can represent the aspiration of the Guadalcanal people.

"... it hasn't been easy getting to where we are today, and there is much work to do in the future to obtain our dream," the Guadalcanal Premier stated.

Mr. Salani said the present national government has played a huge part in supporting Guadalcanal's own township.

He acknowledged the Republic of China (Taiwan) government as "a major player" in bringing the province to this day, to commemorate the "historic occasion".

Mr. Salani said being at the "very first turn in a long and challenging road", the people of Guadalcanal will require further funding to work side by side to achieve the Guadalcanal Township.

"... we will be seeking genuine investors to be partners with us," he said.

"The Guadalcanal government will work hard to seek out the best partnerships to ensure maximum benefits for our people, and in turn to ensure our investors are well supported," Mr. Salani added.

He called on the national government for continued support in the development of their township, and for donors and stakeholders to consider the project in their planning and "... to support us both financially and with expertise".

He said the vision is to build Guadalcanal Township into a "model township" where all factors have been considered.

This includes a solid base for the Provincial Government Headquarters, a commercial base for the Province, high quality residential housing and services that are all tied together with strong community values.

The Guadalcanal Premier urged original landowners and the surrounding communities to work alongside the provincial government to ensure that decisions are made with the landowners and communities' best interests in mind.

Mr. Salani pledged his government's commitment to work hard to seek out the best partnerships to ensure maximum benefits for the Guadalcanal people.