The RAMSI organized breakfast at the Mendana Hotel to treat some women of Solomon Islands as part of commemorating the International Women's Day.

The event yesterday was attended by women from every department offices, RAMSI, Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and the wives of the Governor General and Prime Minister.

Breakfast host, RAMSI's Special Coordinator, Graeme Wilson, said that the occasion was very important because it marks a very important day for women worldwide.

He said that hosting the breakfast was a way of formally acknowledging RAMSI's recognition of women in the Solomon Islands.

"[This morning] I just want to be here and join with you in salutation of all the women in this country," added Mr. Wilson.

He said that Solomon Islands women should be part of the country's decision making body, "there should not be any barriers for women in leadership in the Parliament."

Mr. Wilson said that RAMSI have provided $3 million to start a women's strategy that would help break barriers between women and increase women's voice in the country.

Addressing the luncheon, guest speaker, Justice Nkem Izuako, encouraged every woman to move forward and do whatever they know that would help towards the development of the country.

She said that while women face many issues, "we need to go face to face with the challenges."

Justice Izuako said that women have so much power but do very little about.

She encouraged women to feel good about themselves and use the powers that they have not just for their families but also for the nation.

Justice Izuako reminded women to support each other to do the right things for development, strive on to move forward "to claim your power and teach your sons to respect you and your daughters."

"If Solomon Islands does not go anywhere in 10 to 50 years, it is the failure of the women, because there is a saying that says the hand that rocks the cradle leads the nation," adds Justice Izuako.