A report by the health ministry has highlighted lack of isolation by occupants in quarantine stations as a concern.

In a press conference recently, Secretary to Prime Minister, Dr. Jimmie Rodgers says they are concerned that the occupants were found to be mingling and interacting while in quarantine.

He says while in quarantine, occupants are supposed to stay isolated from each other.

“The issue is when you have covid, it becomes more critical for us to follow instructions. Because anytime we mix, if there is a carrier, whoever comes within 1.5 meters of him there is an opportunity that the infection will spread” Rodgers says.

At the same time, Attorney General, John Muria Jnr says certain breaches have been identified. Muria says that during the contact tracing interviews, officers found out some of the students have not been truthful in the information they provide.

“I will say false declarations particularly in the information that they provided when it comes to interaction and mingling”.

Muria says giving out false information is a serious matter, especially with the two positive case in the country.

“By not complying, this is classified as a national security risk because we are endangering the lives of other people and the public”, Muria says.

The report was made following the confirmed COVID-19 cases in the quarantine stations.

Currently there are two confirmed cases of COVID-19. The infected persons are kept in isolation at the National Referral Hospital.

Five other persons are also in the isolation unit. One of the occupants in the isolation unit has an underlying medical illness, which is not covid related while the others are occupants identified through the contact tracing process.

Another batch of tests was done this week with results to be known soon.