Jack Tata is an inspirational story, despite his lack of education he has managed to set up a small business that generates income for him and his family.

"I realized very early that life in town is very hard, especially when there are not plenty of jobs for uneducated people like me," Jack said.

"I have tried a few things but there seems to be a bigger demand for these bracelets which are made out of coconut shells."

Jack said that his little business started a few years back with only a little pocket knife and some coconuts from a nearby farm.

"Beginning this year I started making new smaller bracelets which I sell for SBD$20, there is high demand for as it is very cheap compared to other bigger bracelets," said Jack.

Asked about the design, Jack said they are all his..."some of the designs are part of our culture...I work very hard to make them look fashionable."

Jack has big plans for the future which includes buying his own machines to increase production. "That will help me meet the demand and it will bring enough profit to help my business and my family...I am happy because even now I can meet my family's needs"

Jack said that he is working very hard, and also praying everyday, for the success of his little business venture.