The BUA policy needs the support of the people, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare told the nation in his speech to mark the 29th independence anniversary celebrations in Auki.

Mr. Sogavare, in his almost hour-long speech covering a range of issues currently facing the country, questioned the process of decolonization in light of Solomon Islands being labeled "failed state" by world governing bodies, attacking those that undermined the sovereignty of the nation. "The only thing we were given on that fateful date of 7th July 1978".

He urged the people to support his government's policy, stating the key to achieving the BUA approach is the people's support. Prime Minister Sogavare stressed that "the bottom-up approach is not a stand-alone, government-driven economic development strategy that is oblivious to the strength and potentials already in existence".
He said the government's need for people to cooperate is for the simple reason that ownership of land and resources in this country rests with the tribal groups.

Mr. Sogavare urged the people to be more responsible stating major developments proposed by governments have continued to be frustrated by Solomon Islanders who cannot see beyond their immediate comfort zone.