The Solomon Islands High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea describes the 4th Papua New Guinea - Solomon Islands Joint Border Committee as "useful and necessary for the two countries."

In an interview with Radio Hapi Lagun's Adrian Sina yesterday Mr Batana'asia said will need to "look at mechanisms for implementation in terms of the border treaties and agreements that have been signed."

Mr Batana'asia said he hoped that by the end of the two-day's meeting they would agree on some arrangements that the two countries could progress towards.

He said such arrangements would look at implementation, sharing of information, and getting the communities at the border to cooperate with the Government and the Provincial authorities.

The Joint Border meeting ended today.

Meanwhile, the 9th Papua New Guinea-Solomon Islands Senior Official meeting Bilateral Consultation will be held on Thursday and Friday this week.

It will cover a wide range of issues in the bilateral relationship with Papua New Guinea like political and security development, trade investments, education, development cooperation and environmental issues.