The Bonito Squad to take on the Brisbane Wolves this week has been named.

The squad are; Leon Lekezoto(gk), Paul Huia (gk) Gideon Omokirio (def), Tome Faisi (def), Nelson Sale (def), Eddie Ngaitin (def), Seni Ngava (def), David Taro (def), Stanley Waita (Mid/F), Joe Manu (Mid/F), Hosea Gibson (Mid/F), Mahlon Maemania (Mid/F), Charlie Moli (Mid/F), James Naka (Winger), Paul Wale (Winger), Gibson Daudau (Winger), Michael Misitana (Winger), Commins Menapi (Striker), Godwin Bebeu (Striker), Alick Maemae (Striker), Joe Luwi (Striker) and Michael Taeman (Striker).

Solomon Bonito head coach, Jacob Moli wants all the players named in the squad to turn up for training at Lawson Tama today at 5pm.

He said they have very limited time to put a team together and he wants to use today and Wednesday to polish up on certain key things before the match on Thursday.

Press Release (SIFF Media)